Maria Bonita Taco Shop & Grill is proudly established and run by Mexicans. Our goal, to: deliver authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine to the UAE.


Our dishes are prepared in the traditional way using the finest ingredients both imported from Mexico, and bought from the local markets. We follow the original recipes to ensure we have the best Mexican flavor possible.


Take a tour through the diverse regions of Mexico, enjoy our freshly cooked tortillas and our slowly cooked salsas and of course the warm and friendly atmosphere that only the real Mexico can offer.




Owner of Maria Bonita

Taco Shop & Mexican Grill

Jorge de Anda

¡Hola! What can I tell you about myself... I was born in '61 in Saltillo Coahuila, México. From a young age, I dreamed of achieving 3 things: become a pilot, own a restaurant and restore muscle cars.


I have been a commercial pilot for the past 38 years and my passion for flying brought me to one of the most amazing places in the world: Dubai, UAE where I achieved my second goal: I opened a restaurant. That restaurant is Maria Bonita Taco Shop and Grill and we have been part of the food scene in the Emirates for the past 15 years.


These days if am not flying an A380 you’ll find me at Maria Bonita eating some delicious Rib Eye tacos or, perhaps, fishing with my brothers. I’ve learned that life goes fast, so now I’m off to the garage to enjoy my last hobby, muscle cars! 


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